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Violent incidents, and threats of them, have been occurring with rising regularity at some Florida schools. Law enforcement have been called out on nearly a daily basis in some counties, responding to tips of bomb threats, kids with guns and other problems. Some observers have suggested it’s fallout from the pandemic. It’s becoming problematic. Read on for that story and more Florida education news.

‘I have never worked at a more chaotic place.’ A teacher at Hillsborough County’s Greco Middle School raised concerns for faculty and staff safety amid rising student violence.

Threats of violence have been occurring more frequently in Alachua County schools. A student was arrested in connection with the most recent bomb threat at Gainesville High, the Main Street Daily News reports.

Tips play a part in stopping the activity. One led to the arrest of a Miami-Dade County student who attempted to come to school armed, WPLG reports. • A 12-year-old Flagler County student was arrested after a teacher overheard her saying she planned to shoot up her school, Flagler Live reports. The girl told officers she was “just playing.”

Will increased law enforcement presence help? Leon County public schools are about to find out, WTXL reports.

Public input

Some Florida school boards have stopped residents from speaking if they name specific officials in their comments. A lawyer has called on the Alachua County School Board to stop the practice, claiming it’s a First Amendment violation, the Alachua Chronicle reports.

With comment sessions growing heated, several boards also are looking to revamp their rules on public input. Brevard County’s board is exploring ideas such as shortening speaker times when the list is long, and preventing the display of signs, Florida Today reports.

Coronavirus concerns

Gov. DeSantis won another round over mask mandates. A federal judge refused to reconsider his denial of an injunction on the governor’s order, reiterating that students have options for better education solutions than acting against DeSantis, the News Service of Florida reports.

More parents are pushing back. Groups in Duval and Alachua counties asked a court to require their superintendents to undo strict mask requirements, contending the district policies violate state law, WJXT reports. More from the Gainesville Sun.

The State Board of Education will chime in this week. It has scheduled a 1 p.m. Thursday conference call to review the policies of 11 school districts. • One of those districts, Sarasota County, will have a board meeting Tuesday to consider rescinding its mask rule, the Herald-Tribune reports.

Employee issues

St. Petersburg College faculty voted to unionize. They said worsening work conditions have negatively affected their ability to serve students.

‘We cannot live off this pay.’ Miami-Dade County school bus drivers protested for higher wages, WTVJ reports.

Citrus County district officials are exploring whether to have athletic trainers at all high schools. The discussion comes after a teen football player died at practice, the Citrus County Chronicle reports.